Meet the Staff

College Counseling

  • Jen Cardillo


    College Counselor; English Teacher; Community and Equity Team Member

    Making great strides in her quest to have tried every job at Concord Academy, Jen Cardillo enthusiastically joined the College Counseling Office in her fourteenth year at CA. Back in 1997, Jen began her career at CA as the school’s Financial Aid Director and then served as CA's Director of Admission. After adding Mommy to her list of titles, Jen returned to her classroom roots, teaching English, as she has here ever since. From 2007-2011, Jen served as CA's Assistant Dean for Community & Equity and she remains a member of the school's Community & Equity team. College Counseling is, for Jen, a confluence of elements she loved about many of her previous roles, which have also included, at various times during her twenty years in education, field hockey coach, history teacher, Freshman Dean, flute teacher, and indoor track official. She came to Massachusetts long ago from her home state of Missouri to attend Harvard College and has been here ever since. Jen met her husband, Charlie, in a college a capella singing group. They have two kids, ages 14 and 10. Jen loves music, studying languages, and great restaurants.

  • Morgan Howard


    Coordinator of Standardized Testing

  • Peter Jennings


    Director of College Counseling; Athletics; House Coverage Affiliate

    The summer before starting his undergraduate career at Connecticut College, Peter was faced with what would become a critical life decision: would he rather perform clerical work in the admissions office or drive the Zamboni for his work-study job? He chose the former and that has made all the difference. For the last decade and a half Peter has earned his keep guiding students into their own undergraduate careers. After five years on the admissions staff at Pomona College, Peter became Dean of Juniors and Seniors at Harvard-Westlake School, a day school in Los Angeles, where he also taught tenth-grade English and coached cross-country and track. In 2000, Massachusetts and Concord Academy called him home. Since then, whether shepherding students through the college process, advising, coaching cross-country, or serving as a house parent, boarding school life has suited Peter, his wife Sarah, and their three kids just fine. While on sabbatical during the 2009-2010 school year, Peter Jennings joined the Tufts Admissions Office as Counselor-in-Residence and Admissions Officer. In 2015 Peter earned his EdM from Boston University and was elected to the board of directors for ACCIS (Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools) as well as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. He has yet to drive a Zamboni.

  • Kate Peltz


    Director of College Counseling; House Coverage Affiliate

    Kate Peltz has a keen understanding of the college search process, as hers was an involved and circuitous one. After visiting twenty-three schools in her family’s rusty station wagon (yes, such trips do strengthen parent-child bonds), Kate applied early decision to her first-choice college. Two rounds of transfer applications later, Kate enrolled at Grinnell College, blissfully happy to have finally found “the perfect fit” in the cornfields of Iowa. Professionally, Kate has helped to guide students through their own institutional transitions. She joined Concord Academy’s College Counseling Office after a one-year stint in the school’s admissions office. Prior to Concord Academy, Kate coordinated the international admissions process at Bucknell University. She didn’t ignore education issues stateside, however, as Kate was also involved with domestic admissions there and at her alma mater. An avid traveler, Kate has visited thirty-three countries and enjoys literature and films with multicultural and international themes. She also likes to swim.

  • Alison Tomlin


    College Counselor and Coordinator, College Counseling

    Managing a college counseling office is a lot like directing a marching band across a six-lane highway. Alison Tomlin, backed by a previous career as a compliance officer at a top investment firm, brings order to what many think is a chaotic process. Her job requires significant reserves of energy, a passion for detail, and the willingness to handle student crises at a moment’s notice. For the last five years, Alison has made certain that college visitors were welcomed, transcripts were sent on time, and pressing student queries were answered, while also becoming the resident campus expert on standardized testing. Alison has put her art history degree from Connecticut College to good use, serving as a faculty advisor to a senior project in the discipline, and often calls on the patience she learned while student teaching while she earned her masters in elementary education from Lesley University. When not on campus, Alison feeds her passion for literature, interest in the Boston Bruins, appreciation for sports cars, and her cockatiels, Charlie and Sydney.