Performing Arts Department

Dance Program

The Dance Program encourages students at every level of ability to engage in the study of contemporary dance. The program builds technical skills while encouraging the student’s individual creative expression. The dance instruction incorporates ballet, modern, and jazz techniques. Dance Company offers choreographic and performance opportunities to its members.

All courses in the Dance Program are offered for academic credit in the Performing Arts Department. Dance 1 meets on a semester basis, Dance 2 meets in winter and spring seasons, and Dance 3, 4, and Company are full-year courses. Credit in Dance 2, 3, and 4 is contingent on completing the specified terms unless an exception is granted for participating on an interscholastic sports team during an athletic season. Students who enroll in Dance Company commit to completing the entire year without interruption.

Successfully completing a dance course always earns credit (or audit, if so requested) in the Performing Arts Department. Dance courses can also, simultaneously, count toward the athletic requirement; election of this additional option is explained in the Athletic Department section of the course catalogue.