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  • Concord Academy Alumnae/i Making a Difference: Reunion Weekend 2015

    Posted June 9, 2015

    As alumnae/i began to gather on the afternoon of Friday, June 5, for the start of Concord Academy’s reunion weekend, there was talk of change. Time was one constant: for some, this was their 15th reunion, and for others it was their 65th. For some, the talk was of first-borns and, for others, of grandchildren, the transition to co-educational program at CA, a few wars, and a few social movements. Overheard were conversations that touched on all of these, but one theme emerged: of how the values that the CA alumnae/i community share began right here on Main Street and, for some, in the same classrooms. Of these values, the need to make a difference in the world was the constant.

  • Reunion Weekend Alumnae/i Panel: Women & Science

    Posted June 8, 2015

    “The conversation about women in science is one that we’ve been having here at school a lot recently,” CA Science Department Head Andrea Yañes-Taylor told attendees of “Women and Science,” a panel discussion featuring alums Nina Urban ’80, P’11, ’17 and statistical climatologist Susan Tolwinski-Ward ’00 held as part of CA’s annual Reunion Weekend June 5-7, 2015. The Saturday afternoon conversation, which Yañes-Taylor moderated, took place in the Student Health & Athletic Center dance studio and drew an audience that included alums from the classes of ’01 and ’80, CA teachers past and present, and Head of School Rick Hardy. The discussion covered a range of topics: the challenge of achieving work/life balance, the power of mentors, and the impact that conversations at CA – both inside and outside of the science classroom – have on female students.

  • 2014-15 Hall Fellow: Dr. Howard Gardner

    Posted April 27, 2015

    Howard Gardner, the Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, delivered the 2014-15 Hall Fellow lecture, “Beyond Wit and Grit.”

  • An Afternoon of Service

    Posted April 14, 2015

    On April 12, Concord Academy partnered with Stop Hunger Now for a service event demonstrating that many hands do make light work — or, more precisely, about 500 hands can package 40,176 meals, destined for families across the globe. In the first event of a series for the CAService initiative, about 100 students worked alongside 150 alumnae/i, faculty, families, and guests in the gym on Sunday afternoon to pack meals for Stop Hunger Now, which provides food and aid to undernourished populations.

  • Come Home to Concord this Fall

    Posted April 2, 2015

    We welcome all to return to campus this October for a community-wide day of events to reconnect with fellow alumnae/i and faculty, cheer on CA’s athletic teams, and see student performances. Returning young alumnae/i will have panel discussions that include graduates, students, and faculty. The classes of 2005 and 2010 have a special program, starting the day in Concord and ending in the city for 5th and 10th reunion celebrations.

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