Convocation Remarks by Jung Hee Hyun ’09, Student Body President

Posted September 4, 2008

One morning in August I came across this year’s Beijing Olympic’s slogan reading the morning paper, just waking up from a restless night’s sleep. Grinning, I thought to myself, “Perfect speech material.” When I saw that it was 7:00 in the morning, I rolled my eyes and mocked my own “nerdiness” and went back to bed.

Translated into English, the slogan “One World, One Dream” fully reflects the essence and the universal values of the Olympic spirit—unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dream. In spite of the differences in colors, languages, and races, the world becomes one to share the same aspirations and dreams, strive for a peaceful and bright future of mankind and to celebrate the joyous festivities.

It happens so that CA embodies all of these values. Seniors, you are leaders and role models of the school; juniors, upperclassmen with new responsibilities; sophomores, back with a year’s worth of experiences, and welcoming twenty-two new classmates; freshmen, starting anew to explore infinite new opportunities. We look forward to so many surprises this year. What I look forward to the most is each new friendship and conversation I and you all will have in this supportive, trusting, and caring community.

Over the summer I told one of my classmates that I feel a maternal connection to my senior class. Yesterday, during Vespers I realized that it was not only my class but also that ‘I love my school just like a mother loves its child.’ Whether it may be sports, academics, arts, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I find out about CA’s successful achievements. I feel responsible and stick dear to be part of the school life. But as the mother this year, my role is to help foster those new friendships, allow you to cross paths with one another, and be happy with CA.

If you are still in the process of setting goals for yourself, my advice for this year is to take chances. Try something new and surprise yourself with the changes. It thrills me to think each one of you will take advantage of the endless opportunities, support, and encouragement that CA offers.

Perhaps I can be even cheesier today and ask that CA’s 2009 slogan be, “One School, One Dream” and before you know it, we’ll be celebrating our closing ceremony. Have a wonderful first day and cherish the rest.

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