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All-School Council

The All-School Council comprises the student body president and student body vice president, class presidents and representatives, the head and vice head of boarders, the head of day students, co-heads of diversity, coheads of entertainment, coheads of environmental affairs, and faculty representatives. The All-School Council meets on Tuesdays at 5:45 p.m. Council meetings are open to all members of the CA community.

The All-School Council takes an active role in representing the student body when reviewing policies, discussing issues, and formulating proposals. All proposals passed at All-School Meetings are recommended to the head of school. The council sponsors Club Expo and Winterfest, and other weekend events on campus. Above all, the All-School Council affords students the opportunity to have input in the daily life of the school.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is a student-faculty committee that hears cases concerning students suspected of violating, or found in violation of, the school’s major rules. The committee’s role is to listen to the evidence, ask questions concerning the evidence, deliberate, and make recommendations to the head of school. The Discipline Committee comprises two faculty members, the dean of students and community life, and three students who rotate from an elected group of ten students. Additionally, there are two faculty members and three house faculty members who rotate on the committee from September to June. The dean of students and community life serves as the nonvoting convener of the committee for the school year. The Discipline Committee 's recommendation must be approved by the head of school. The convener reviews disciplinary procedures with the committee at the beginning of each committee hearing.


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While the center of things at Concord Academy is academics, it is the time outside the classroom that makes up the majority of each day. Whether it’s club meetings held over dinner, driver’s education on Saturday mornings, games on Saturday afternoons, impromptu jam sessions, study groups meeting on the quad, movies in the student houses, or a Polaroid scavenger hunt in Boston, CA students enjoy their time outside of class in many constructive, relaxing, and fun ways.

— David Rost
Dean of Students and Community Life

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